Kevin W. McConnell

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How I wrote my book

Earlier this month I released a book. This post is about how I wrote it, the tools I used, and what I learned. I've also shared a link to a repo containing all the settings, themes and file structure that I used, which you can take as a starting point for your own writing project.

How to enable API Gateway access logs with the CDK

Access logs can be invaluable when debugging API issues and understanding usage patterns. The CDK's HTTP API construct doesn't provide a way to enable logging, but you can still do it if you use the underlying CloudFormation properties.

A fast(er) de-referer service with CloudFront Functions

An experiment in running a service on CloudFront Functions.

Using recent Go versions on CodeBuild

The supplied base images in CodeBuild don't usually have the most recent Go versions. Luckily, goenv makes installing newer versions quick and easy.

Add CloudWatch monitoring from inside your CDK constructs

Whenever I start a new project, I like to make sure I have some good monitoring in place. Adding dashboard widgets from custom resources turns out to be a simple way to do this consistently.

Reasons to write Lambda functions in Go

You can write Lambda functions in pretty much any language these days. But Go has some strengths that make it a great choice.